The Human Factor in Risk & Opportunity Management


It might seem obvious, but if humans are involved in a process then human factors come into play. But what really are human factors and how do they impact the success or failure of a process or system? When something goes wrong, is it about a human error or a human factor?

Join Jim Whiting as he explores the topic of human factors and discusses how they tie into Risk and Opportunity Management. With an extensive career in risk management, causal analysis and management systems, Jim has a wealth of practical knowledge that he shared with everyone.

Across the session Jim discussed:

  • Should “human error” in relation to a quality incident/risk be regarded as a cause or as a consequence?
  • In Quality R&OM, are humans regarded as the “problem” or the “solution”?
  • Compare WAI – work as intended, with WAD – work as done and why can they be different?
  • What is an approved shortcut?
  • What is a Risk & Opportunity Conversation [ROC Talk]?

This was a very interesting and thought provoking session that gave everyone greater insights into just how much human factors influence the work that we do.

PRESENTER – Jim Whiting
Jim Whiting
Partner & Principal Risk Engineer at Soteris Pty Ltd