Why you DO have to think about legal requirements in ISO 9001


There’s a view many people have, that in an ISO 9001 Quality management system, you don’t have to worry about compliance to legal requirements. Or not much anyway.

In this webinar, Jeff Ryall dispels that myth, and shows how ISO 9001 places legal requirements right at the core of your management system.

This webinar explores the kinds of legal requirements you need to consider, their place in the process approach, and how to implement legal compliance into your ISO 9001 system in a way that’s both simple and effective.

PRESENTER – Jeff Ryall, AOQ Director & RelianSys® founder

Jeff Ryall is widely regarded as one of Australia’s thought leaders in Quality Management, with special emphasis on Governance automation and best practice application. His deep experience and accomplishments in the Quality field, with particular focus on risk and compliance management enable him to speak with authority and insight on this subject area. Working with leaders and managers in the highly regulated sectors across Australasia and beyond, he guides people to transform their approach to strategic and operational governance. How? By embracing a holistic approach integrating strategy, culture, and process.

He established RelianSys to provide the missing component of good governance – effective automation tools that enable strategy to be actioned, culture to be strengthened, real visibility to be obtained, and productivity to be achieved. Literally, transforming governance.

Jeff’s experience in governance, compliance, and risk, in the government, commercial and not-for-profit sectors spans around 35 years.

He’s involved in lots of ways to influence the strengthening of Governance capability in Australia, including as past President and current Director of the Australian Organisation for Quality, and as AOQ’s representative on the Governance Technical Committee of Standards Australia.

Jeff has co-authored or contributed to 4 books on the subject, including the popular “Quality Systems Handbook”.